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Whatever your problem,
Ben has it covered.


Burdick Law PLLC represents employees, independent contractors, and unions in all manner of proceedings. 


Burdick Law PLLC also represents individuals and small businesses in other civil litigation. We do not represent employers in disputes with workers or unions.

We evaluate cases, review contracts, write demand letters, and practice

in state and federal courts and administrative agencies.

Let Burdick Law PLLC help you today.

Burdick Law also provides outside legal research and writing services to attorneys and law firms on an independent contractor basis.  Ben excels at appellate brief writing and is always seeking new appellate projects. If you are an attorney or firm seeking assistance with an appellate project, contact Ben directly via email for information on rates.  Ben observes all applicable rules of professional practice governing fee splitting, conflicts of interest, and extrajurisdictional practice.

Don't see your issue?

Burdick Law PLLC is competent to handle a range of issues besides employment law.  We have access to extensive, up-to-date legal research databases and are always looking for new projects.  If we can't help you, we can try to direct you to someone who can. 

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